Our Company

We are parents and riders.

Our company DLR Co., Ltd. is a very international team of parents and families. Moms, Dads, kids and a young single guy. We are from Japan, Australia and HK. We live in different countries, NZ, Taiwan and HK. Our passion is kids and bike riding. We love to inspire kids and encourage them to ride bikes & enjoy life.


-Dirty Little Riders

"Dirty Little Riders" is our brand. After many years kids bikes distribution, we would love to establish own design products. 

-DLR Dealers & International Distributors 

DLR International - www.dirtylittleriders.com

DLR NZ - Coming soon

DLR Australia - Coming soon

DLR Japan - www.ridersjp.com

DLR Hong Kong & Macau - www.ridershk.com

DLR Taiwan - www.rakuten.com.tw/shop/dlriders/

Russia - activefor.ru

Malaysia - Daddylab Malaysia

Singapore - After Market Gear

Brunei - Cycle Nation

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-Learning Program

Riders teach your child. We recommend Rider early learning program in HK and Mud kids bike school in Taiwan. 


We arrange try-out events or kids racing events. Unfortunately, It has been quiet due to the Covit-19... Pls feel free to ask us. 


We love to co-operate with great brands in the world.  We are the official Cratoni helmet partner. Please feel free to ask us about products and wholesale.